Sunday, October 19, 2008


I see Darling and Brown are going to spend us out of recession.
That's all very well if you have money on one side or have things to sell like gold.
But we don't.
Labour have spent it all. So it will make matters worse in the long term.
Labour live for today and could not care less about the future.
They will try anything to cling to power.
They have always put their party above country. For so called educated men they come over as just thick to me.
They just do not understand the basics.


Anonymous said...

It's like deja vu Johnny
Have we not been here befor?
Hmmm let me think now ...ahh yes it was the last labour govenment that got this country in a mess
Then Maggie came along to sort the mess out & give us back our pride.
Lets hope David Cameron is upto the job

Johnny Norfolk said...

The one thing about the Tory party is that the right person will lead the party. If Cameron is just not up to it we will ask him to spend more time with his family. Unlike Labour who have never changed their leader.