Sunday, March 29, 2009

Double Standards of The BBC

Do you remember how the BBC attacked the Tories when they were last in power over sleaze. Labour have been far worse yet they are hardly mentioned and never attacked.

The BBC never keeps to its charter and needs to be reformed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where is The Man ?

I asked " Where is The Man ? "who would come forward with an understanding of what Labour has done.

Daniel Hannan knows what they have done.

Is he the man ?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bank of England Speaks

The Bank of England has basically told the Labour government that is is spending to much and we cannot afford it.

So will they stop, No.

They are determined to leave office with the country in ruins.

Why does every generation have to learn about Labour the hard way.

It Grows on Trees.

The way labour is spending money it does not have you would think it grows on trees.
Just when are they going to wake up and lead the way by stop spending money it does not have.
Mrs Thatcher love her or hate her. she would never have let this happen.
We need people who have their feet on the ground to lead us not those with either their head in the clouds or buried in the sand.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dumbed Down Newsnight

The way Lord Turner was asked about his new proposals for the banks was more like a fireside chat.
There was no detailed analysis of his proposals no cross examination from other people, it was just so weak.

It is not the programme it used to be before its Labour friends came to power.

If only it attacked like it used to attack the Tories when they were in power.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Climate Change.

If you are like me, are very sceptical about climate change.
Follow this web site for an alternative view.

Do you know that the full method of how the data is arrived at will not be released to the people that are concerned they have got it wrong. Why do you think that is. ???

Dropping Litter

I see Bill Bryson want to fine more people for dropping litter.

Having been involved in Shopping Centre Management, It is no use keep blaming and punishing the public.
It just wont work.
Who ever is responsible for clearing litter, they need to be far more pro active than we are in Britain.
If I was running a town or city centre I would have 24 Hour litter picking. it would be non stop.
For the countryside the same, teams of people going round just clearing any litter.
In time as people always find a litter free area the dropping gets less and less.
OK have fines for the most blatant problems but they should be the last resort not the first.
I know I have done and proved it.
If my litter pickers saw someone dropping litter they went up to them and said. " Thanks for dropping that, you are keeping me in a job". They never had to speak to the same person twice.