Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ross,Brand and the BBC.

This latest episode tells you all you need to know about the BBC.
Ross and Brand are out of control just like the BBC.

To think we are paying for people like this is just sickening to me.

They have at the very least committed an act of gross misconduct. In any other business they would have been sacked.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Father Was Right About Labour

When I was about 16, I remember I had obtained a little red book called 'The Thoughts of Chairman Mao.
'When my father saw me reading it and saying how I thought the left were for the ordinary people and all that.
He picked himself off the floor wiped the foam from round his mouth and said.
"Son I have never tried to stop your free thinking in any way. I have tried to leave you to develop your own thoughts, but if you remember only one thing. Labour will always leave office with the country in debt and in a worse state than when they came to power. No matter what they promise if you vote Labour you will live to regret it in the end"

This just was not him, so you never forget something like that.
I went on to vote Labour many years ago and did totally regret it as he had said.
Since then I have voted with my head.
Labour just do not understand about wealth.
They can only spend, never earn and it has been proved yet again.
Its fine having all these worthy ideas but if you do not create the wealth to pay for it you end up with nothing.

Its called the real world.

Here We GO Again

When Labour were last in power and had spent all our wealth, they had to go to the IMF for a a loan to bail us out.

The loan was made available to us provided we increased government spending !!!!!

Of course not.

The then Labour government led by uncle Jim had to CUT spending to obtain the bail out loan.
They then did so, and in came the winter of discontent and then in came Mrs T who then sorted things out.

Its all happening again only much worse this time. we do not have Uncle Jim but Blunder Brown.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Do Not Have a Government !

You see Labour are not prepared to govern.
They just want to continue to spend and they know they will loose the next election.
The Tories come in and start to govern the country and that means more Thatcher type pain to get us out of this mess.
Labour then of course will try to pass the buck and blame the Tories as they have always done.

It is just a repeat of last time only worse.

The worst thing that has happened to Britain since the war is GORDON BROWN both as chancellor and PM.

Labour can only spend not govern.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Deeper and Deeper into Debt

Labour are doing again what they did last time they were in power.
Borrowing more and more, leaving the problem for the future.

You have lost your job you are behind with the mortgage. What do you do borrow even more or cut back, find another job and pay back your debts.

Labour just keep on spending. it will only get worse the longer they continue.

The Tory party will sort it out yet again as Labour just do not have the bottle to do the right thing.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The BBCs support for Obama

Its headlines on the BBC news tonight that Colin Powell is supporting Obama.
Why is this the headline ?.
I just cannot understand how the BBC gets away with this blatant support for the American left.

There was no balance at all just one sided again.

I had to turn it off.

A Sub Prime Minister

What an excellent description from Alex Salmond about Brown.

Brown is leading us further and further into disaster.

Who will stop Labour before its to late.

Will The Next President Be Obama ?

The problem we have it that most of the media led by the BBC are all for Obama.
They were for Gore when Bush won . So you do not know the reality of the outcome.
People who support Obama like Labour supporters tend to be very vocal, and believe their own propaganda ( spin, lies).
They are from people who do not earn a living in the real sense of the word ie employed by the government.
I would not like to call it as people who vote Republican like people who vote Tory just do not make the same noise ( they don't have time as they are doing real work.)

The result will be close and may surprise the BBC.


I see Darling and Brown are going to spend us out of recession.
That's all very well if you have money on one side or have things to sell like gold.
But we don't.
Labour have spent it all. So it will make matters worse in the long term.
Labour live for today and could not care less about the future.
They will try anything to cling to power.
They have always put their party above country. For so called educated men they come over as just thick to me.
They just do not understand the basics.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Markets Respond to Browns Plan

I see the markets are in free fall again.
That is the reality of Browns plan.

He is the cause not the solution.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Browns Folly

If you think Browns solution is for the long term, forget it.
It is just trying to hold the wall up.
The British people are going to pay for Labours incompetence with the economy.
The greatest regret is that the weakest in our country will suffer the most.
What is the point of a minimum wage when prices are so high it buys nothing.

How many times do Labour have to be in government to prove they cannot run the country.

The Big Con

You would think that the way Brown is going around he has saved the world.
I just find the whole thing sickening.
He has been the cause of the problem in Britain.
He should have had the correct regulation.
He has allowed the banks to get away with it.
Its like blaming the prisoner's for escaping because the cells were not locked.

The BBC is now the propaganda arm of the labour party in the way it is just brushing it under the carpet and leading the praise for him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Under The Labour Cosh

Well they have done it. They have just about turned us into a communist country. They are taking over more and more. All that money into Scottish banks. The Brits will never forgive him. He will be totally defeated at the next election. The Tories would never have been as bad as this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Next Government

I know there is a long way to go but it must be certain that Cameron will win the next election.

We still have no idea what Browns plan is for our economy, only that he will do everything it takes.

Sounds like fire fighting to me.