Friday, October 24, 2008

My Father Was Right About Labour

When I was about 16, I remember I had obtained a little red book called 'The Thoughts of Chairman Mao.
'When my father saw me reading it and saying how I thought the left were for the ordinary people and all that.
He picked himself off the floor wiped the foam from round his mouth and said.
"Son I have never tried to stop your free thinking in any way. I have tried to leave you to develop your own thoughts, but if you remember only one thing. Labour will always leave office with the country in debt and in a worse state than when they came to power. No matter what they promise if you vote Labour you will live to regret it in the end"

This just was not him, so you never forget something like that.
I went on to vote Labour many years ago and did totally regret it as he had said.
Since then I have voted with my head.
Labour just do not understand about wealth.
They can only spend, never earn and it has been proved yet again.
Its fine having all these worthy ideas but if you do not create the wealth to pay for it you end up with nothing.

Its called the real world.

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