Thursday, February 5, 2009

Duel Standards of The BBC

Why does Ross who caused such offence ON AIR possibly broke the law have a 3 month ban. Against Thatcher who made an offensive remark to some by using a word IN PRIVATE be sacked.
Its just not consistent

I accept that some words and phrases are now offencive I understand that.
But those same people who are offended should remember that we used these words every day in the past as just part of our normal life. Not as racist comments but just words we had grown up with.
In Thatchers case I would describe her as careless not offensive in this case.
Younger people who have been drilled in the equality topic should remember that older people have not, and we do not have the same horror of such words.
I think we are more tolerant of such things where as today people are so easily offended.


JJ said...

Where are us oldies supposed to find the list of words that have recently been used with nasty intent in the nation's playgrounds?

Johnny Norfolk said...

Who knows, with Labours nanny state telling people what they can or can not say.
We are becomming a weak nation frightened to upset anyone by avoiding telling the truth.