Friday, November 28, 2008

The Labour Police State

I have been warning of this for some years.

It has now arrived. What will be next.

They are trying to intimidate the population to keep quiet about what the government gets up to.

Its a bleak day for freedom.

Labour is taking away bit by bit everything that is good about Britain.

"Britain never never never will be slaves"


Anonymous said...

It has the sneaky labour goverments finger prints all over it. Labour sacked the last DG of the BBC because of the truth he had told about Blair, and the BBC has been afraid of Labour ever since. Labour are now trying to intimidate people for passing information that we should know about.

If Labour think they can pull the wool over our eyes they should think again.

It is government by fear and intimidation.

Labour have passed laws that have allowed this to happen. I knew what was comming when that old man was frog marched from the Labour conference for shouting rubbish.

Labour will do anything to stop the truth comming out.

It is a outrage against the people.

Mrs Smallprint said...

Hi Mr N.

They have also signed up to an EU scheme to share data and integrate ID card systems.

See my blog for more details.

Mrs S.

Anonymous said...

They are going to sell us out to the EU.

They have sunk the pound and will frighten us that the only way out is to join the Euro.

Our fathers and Grandfathers that died in 2 world wars to keep us free should be respected and we should say NO.